31 Impressions On Helium – Philip Green

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This week I study the chemical globe of Helium and also do 31 celebrity impacts. Interesting information heading too;-RRB- Remain tuned! – Philip Environment-friendly

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Secret Quote Of The Week: "Delve into the deep end, go for it, whatever it may be"

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39 gedachten over “31 Impressions On Helium – Philip Green”

  1. +Philip Green Your impression of Mario actually sounds like Mario when he
    gets a certain power-up called the “mini-mushroom”. I kid you not, there is
    no difference in your voice and Mini-Mario’s. It’s AMAZING!!!!!

  2. I think he is really funny and really good at impressions but 1 question,
    is he gay (no offense) 💗🙊🌍👌👍💯👅


  4. Actually what I think is that they took balloons that DONT have helium. And
    then they just make their voice high. But that’s not what Roi Fabitto did.
    ( Roi Wassabi I should say )

  5. +Troy_Boi SingsDoYa what does that mean,
    My brain could not interpret that.

  6. +Troy_Boi SingsDoYa And why would Philip do that…? On one of them you can
    also hear his voice fading back to normal.

  7. +Troy_Boi SingsDoYa Oh wait, never mind. In just thought that I heard it.
    My bad!

  8. I’ve just found your channel your a bit bonkers but your funny keep up the
    good work 👍🏼🙃

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