Britney Spears Sings Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” with Helium!

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Thats best she took on Swifts hit jam Shake it off yet did I discuss she sang it after drawing a balloon loaded with helium !?

Points got a little silly when Britney Spears graced The Jonathan Ross Program yesterday. Britney and Ross battled it out in a collection of funny competitions.

however after she was beat by Ross in Forfeit Tennis, Brit needed to tip up to a helium-filled balloon, breathe in, and execute a song difficulty. and also let's simply claim the pop celebrity picked the excellent tune ever before.

Bravo Britney Bravo! Taylor would certainly be proud. Ok I have a question for you guys! Would you watch T quick carry out the whole song of Shake it off with helium allow me recognize in the remarks below and afterwards make sure click here for all your hollywood updates! Thanks for hanging out with me today! I'm Jackie Iadonisi desiring you an awesome weekend!

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60 gedachten over “Britney Spears Sings Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” with Helium!”

  1. what???? how is this news? i’m genuinely shook like wtf is this? her
    singing wasnt even 2 sec, how is this worthy enough to make a whole video

  2. Did i mention that i’m in love with you and did I mention theres nothing I
    ….. I had to I never anithing funny😅

  3. Was actually pretty cute. Good to see her doing well again on interviews
    and host shows.

  4. Somtimes i feel like I’m the only one in school watching it ‘cause when i
    start to talk ‘bout it there like ,, what are ya talkin’ ‘bout💩

  5. but why she sang like a Squirrel? i would given anything to hear her
    singing like a Tenor. britney could sing better. 😟😟😟😟


  7. I was like”why this button wouldn’t work?”but then I just realized that is
    a fake,I know how dumb I am😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. +Alexis “AlexisBOfficial” B i mean i love britney but obviously taylor
    sings better than her hello

  9. +GLBizzie
    WHAT? ARIANA GRANDE!?!?! God don’t make me laugh, Ariana is worse than
    Britney, she’s got nothing!!
    views- Taylor has more
    awards- Taylor has more
    grammys- Taylor has more
    money- Taylor has more
    ticket sales- Taylor has more
    Ariana is nothing compared to Taylor, when Taylor’s 3rd album came out she
    had a 110 awards and 6 grammys, Ariana has 30 awards and 0 grammys xD

  10. +raya strong
    lmao no! ari might have a better voices but she’s sure as hell not
    successful at all! Taylor is the most iconic female of 2010s and 10th most
    iconic female of all time according to worldwide music groups, and you’re
    saying grammys are a joke cause your favorite artists didn’t win, Meghan
    Trainor is really good, just because YOU AND A BUNCH OF OTHER people don’t
    like it doesn’t mean it’s fake, it’s the biggest night in music so bye!

  11. well… she outsold any taylor swift single with “hit me baby one more

  12. why you have to put 2 girls in a fight tf? they arent even fighting or
    anything… they r just singers, grow up

  13. +Alexis “AlexisBOfficial” B uhmmm say what? They’re both “D” Listed singer

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