Morgan Freeman, Vin Diesel, Seth Green, Lionel Ritchie on Helium

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Morgan Freeman, Vin Diesel, Seth Environment-friendly, Lionel Ritchie, Jonathan Ross, Rove all on Helium. I do not own the rights to these clips. Register for my network and see my most current video clip

59 gedachten over “Morgan Freeman, Vin Diesel, Seth Green, Lionel Ritchie on Helium”

  1. there is a gas that makes your voice deep as hell they should give that to

  2. King Of Tacos
    You trying to kill us bro? That’s like successfully dividing by zero

  3. morgan freeman still sounds like himself, i like to think that’s what he
    sounded like as a kid

  4. you know youre manly when your voice is still deeper than everyone else’s
    when on helium.

  5. OK but does the spelling of it change the meaning? No it doesn’t. What’s
    the difference between color and colour?

  6. +JoonTheBug
    Because fluoride is a term used globally, that’s like saying that it’s fine
    to use Quarts and such in medicine, whilst globally it’s used as mL’s or
    “CC’s” (Meaning cubic centimeters).

  7. Well when you’re in the US it is OK to use feet and miles instead of meters
    and kilometers. We’re on the internet so even though you are not in the US
    I am and therefore I don’f feel like there’s any problem with spelling
    things the way they are spelled here even if that isn’t how they are
    globally spelled.

  8. JoonTheBug but it is universally spelled fluoride in America as well as
    anywhere else

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