ROVE LA – Seth Green, Olivia Munn & Michael Weatherly on helium

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Seth Green, Olivia Munn as well as Michael Weatherly have fun with helium balloons on ROVE LA

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27 gedachten over “ROVE LA – Seth Green, Olivia Munn & Michael Weatherly on helium”

  1. Why didn’t Olivia join in? She should have done the helium voice too!

  2. Don’t know why Rove is making fun of Seths voice. Rove has the voice of a
    10 year old.

  3. If Seth would have said “It puts the lotion on the skin…or it gets the
    hose”, I would have laughed my @$$ off.

  4. Seth on helium at 2:36 for some reason sounds like a very nice sounding

  5. Did he explained to his guest and viewers that inhaling helium can be
    dangerous? Possibly life threatening.

  6. 2:15 he sounds EXACTLY like the guy on American Idol several years back..
    Simon Cowell called him “You look like one of those animals..with those big
    eyes.. a lemur!”

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